Optimizing Packaging Efficiency - AGen's Barcode Solutions

In any packing department, efficiency, accuracy, and quality are fundamental to ensuring products are prepared and shipped seamlessly. While the focus is primarily on the collective packing process rather than individual unit identification, leveraging effective barcode solutions can significantly enhance operations.


Simplifying Barcode Usage

  1. Carton Box Identity for Shipping: At the heart of our solution lies the creation of a unique QRCode for carton boxes. This QRCode serves a distinct purpose from the ITF14 barcode used by customers. It's designed specifically for efficient warehouse management, facilitating easy storage and retrieval of products.

  2. Individual Product Identification: For comprehensive tracking from production to warehouse, each individual product is equipped with its own QRCode. This allows seamless integration with the carton box identity, ensuring a cohesive tracking system throughout the supply chain.


Getting Started with AGen

Our approach is tailored to meet the diverse needs of your packing operations:

  • Flexible Data Collection: Whether you opt for manual barcode scanning or invest in automated systems, AGen ensures minimal disruption to your workflow. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes.

  • Device Options: Depending on your factory layout and investment capabilities, we offer two main options:

    • Automation Barcode Reading: Utilizing fixed scanners to link carton box and product QRCodes, streamlining the scanning process.

    • Manual Barcode Reading: Empowering your workforce with handheld scanners or mobile computers, allowing for flexibility and efficiency in barcode management.


Enhance Your Packaging Operations Today

By choosing AGen's barcode solutions, you're not only investing in streamlined packing processes but also in reliability and accuracy throughout your supply chain. Whether you're looking to optimize warehouse management or improve tracking capabilities, our solutions are here to support your goals.

Ready to take the next step towards enhanced packaging efficiency? Contact AGen today to learn more about how our barcode solutions can transform your operations. Let's streamline your packing processes together!


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