Crafting and Printing Professional Badges Made Easy with Badgy!

When it comes to creating badges that speak volumes about your establishment and its dedicated team, Badgy's all-in-one packages are the ultimate solution. Designed to ensure the highest quality and professionalism, our packages provide everything you need for impeccable badges.


Effortless Personalization in Minutes! With Badgy, personalized badges are just a few clicks away. Follow these 3 simple steps:


  1. Install the Badgy Solution on your computer and connect the printer.
  2. Choose your preferred template from our extensive library and personalize it using our intuitive design software.
  3. Print your customized badge in less than a minute!


Badgy: Your Comprehensive Solution!


We pride ourselves on delivering user-friendly solutions that guarantee professional results tailored to your unique requirements. Each Badgy package includes:


  • Evolis Badge Studio Personalization Software
  • Access to a diverse range of free online templates
  • A high-quality card printer
  • Blank cards and color ribbon for seamless printing


Get Started Today! Unlock the potential of your badges with Badgy. Start your journey towards professional, personalized badges that reflect the essence of your establishment and its team.


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