Improving Wine Bottle Identification With Edikio Price Tags At The Wine Company In Singapore


Operating a restaurant is a demanding task, with limited time for training due to high staff turnover rates. The Wine Company in Singapore faces an additional challenge—their extensive wine lists. To address this issue, personalized plastic cards have been introduced to assist employees in quickly identifying the right wine bottle from their vast wine cellar. Let's explore how The Wine Company utilizes Edikio Access, a plastic card printing solution, to streamline their operations and enhance customer service.

Identifying Wine Bottles Made Easy:

Established in Singapore in 2003, The Wine Company operates three outlets that combine a wine shop with a restaurant. Recently, the flagship outlet at Sentosa Boardwalk integrated the Edikio Access system to create and print price tags on plastic cards. These tags are then placed in front of the wine bottles stored in the company's wine cellar.

Efficient Bottle Retrieval in Seconds:

Given that customers often prefer to try multiple types of wine in a single evening, it is crucial for employees to swiftly locate the ordered bottles in the cellar. Belinda Lim, the owner of The Wine Company, noted that bottle retrieval was time-consuming for the staff. When Evolis Singapore demonstrated the Edikio Access solution, she immediately recognized its value in facilitating clear and rapid identification of wine bottles.

Streamlined Service and Neat Wine Cellar:

"We wanted to help our employees find wine bottles stored in the cellar at a glance, so we could serve our customers promptly and minimize search time," explains Belinda Lim. The price tags, black cards with white text, display essential details such as the wine's name, varietal, producing region, vintage year, and price for customers interested in purchasing directly from the wine collection. This clear information display enables both employees and customers to quickly select the desired bottle within seconds. Furthermore, these tags enhance the overall appearance of the wine cellar, making it look neater and more organized. Depending on stock evolution and new offerings, The Wine Company prints approximately 40 to 50 new price tag cards each month.

Benefits and Enthusiasm:

Belinda Lim expresses her enthusiasm for the solution, stating, "All relevant information on our wines fits easily on the credit-card sized price tags, and the printer is small enough to be placed in our back office." By streamlining the identification process and improving operational efficiency, Edikio price tags enable The Wine Company to provide prompt and personalized service to its customers while maintaining a visually appealing wine cellar.


With the introduction of Edikio Access and personalized plastic price tags, The Wine Company in Singapore has found an effective solution to overcome the challenges associated with their extensive wine lists. Employees can now locate wine bottles quickly, enabling prompt customer service, while the clear and neat display of information on the tags enhances the overall aesthetics of the wine cellar. By embracing innovative solutions, The Wine Company demonstrates its commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience to wine enthusiasts.

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