Discover the Memor 30-35 Family: Next-Generation Enterprise PDAs


Welcome to the future of enterprise mobility with the Memor 30-35 Family from Datalogic. Designed to elevate operations in Retail, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing, these rugged PDAs set a new standard in performance and reliability.


Harnessing decades of expertise, Datalogic builds upon the success of its renowned Memor line to deliver unparalleled productivity. Our flagship PDAs empower workers with seamless access to critical applications and information, all within a robust, durable framework.


With a legacy of innovation spanning over 50 years, Datalogic continues to lead the industry in mobility solutions. The Memor Series exemplifies our commitment to future-proofing your operations with a comprehensive range of mobile computers, PDAs, PDTs, wearables, and vehicle mount terminals. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies globally, Datalogic ensures your mobility needs are met today and into the future with robust lifecycle support.


Explore the Memor 30-35 Family and discover how Datalogic is shaping the future of enterprise mobility. 


DATALOGIC MEMOR 30-35 Mobile Computer

SKU: 944850001
Description: Memor 30 Full Touch PDA std range 2D Imager w/Green Spot feedback, Camera (13MP), front camera (8MP), Wi-Fi6E, 6GB/128GB, Qualcomm Octa Core, 2,4GHz, Android v13, NFC, PTT, IP 65, IP68, Black Color, includes Google Mobile Services, battery 4680 mAh


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Discover CODiScan - Wearable Scanners, Lightweight Size, Heavyweight Performance


CODiScan stands as the ultimate wearable scanner tailored for the Transportation & Logistics, Retail, and Manufacturing industries. This revolutionary Bluetooth® wearable scanner series is crafted to redefine productivity, tipping the scales at just 44 g / 1.5 oz. Its lightweight design facilitates effortless positioning on various bodily locations, including the hand, neck, belt, or pocket. Regardless of its placement, users enjoy unrestricted use of both hands, significantly enhancing productivity when it matters most. Boasting a versatile design that incorporates Datalogic's renowned Green Spot technology, CODiScan proves to be adaptable, modular, and reliable. This not only leads to a lower total cost of ownership but also ensures an outstanding return on investment. The CODiScan offers real-time connectivity and paves the way to achieving greater operational excellence.



DATALOGIC CODISCAN HS7600 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner
Description: CODISCAN HS7600 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner - Standard Range


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